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Natural roofing slates are a durable and versatile material providing protection from the harsh Australian climate and deliver a premium asethetic look to any home or building.

Roofing slate of a high quality, such as Welsh Penrhyn, Canadian Glendyne, and premium grade Spanish, will last in excess of 80 years, provided the correct installation methods are adhered to. Whilst the cost of installing a slate roof can be high compared to other materials, there is no compromise for the quality and assurance that it offers.

We only install the highest quality slate to any project, as we would not want to put our name to anything deemed sub-standard.

In addition to using only the best slates, we also use the best fixings and rainwater goods available.

All of our roofs are fixed using:

  • Copper: Copper nails (length to suit varying thickness in slates), copper valleys, gutters, downpipes, roll top ridge capping and rainwater heads
  • Lead: Flashings, soakers, ridge and hip capping, valleys, chimneys and box gutters
  • Breathable sarking
  • F8 Oregon battens
  • Hot Dip Galvanized gun nails

Welsh Penrhyn

Welsh slates are renowned for being the most durable and aesthetically pleasing slate in the world. It is colourfast and does not fade, even under the harsh Australian UV rays.

Such is the confidence in the product; the Welsh Slate quarry offers a 100-year guarantee on all slates, which is passed on through us. Many of the slates roofs which we replace today are around the 100 year old mark, and are being replaced due to inadequate fixings, such as rusted out iron nails, not because of the slate itself, which often has many years life left in it.

Canadian Glendyne Slate

Glendyne natural slate originates from Canada in the province of Quebec, it is an exceptional quality slate free from pyrite and other metallic intrusions. The glendyne is very consistent in shape, they are continuously flat with no abnormalities and easy to install.

This slate is dark grey in colour with hints of blue running through it, its slightly lighter than the Spanish slate and darker than the welsh. The glendyne slate is 500mm long, 250mm wide and varies between 4-7mm in thickness. Once installed correctly this material will last 80+ years.

Spanish Slate

We only use Premium Grade A1 and T1 rated Spanish slates on our roofs, which are guaranteed pyrite free. They are free from any metallic irregularities and the standard of slate is consistent.

This product is highly durable and will last 80+ years.

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