Our highly skilled copper, zinc & lead roofing repair and restoration services include standing seam roofs, gutters, downpipes and flashing.

Lead Roof Repairs & Restorations

Lead roofing, flashings and all other aspects of lead work have been used in the construction industry for centuries and is one of the oldest weatherproofing materials.

It is durable and soft enough to be formed into complex shapes, around corners and into valleys. Every building detail is different so we fabricate and weld each lead detail individually to give the maximum fit and finish. Lead is a perfect roofing material as it doesn’t fade over time, provides a beautiful finish wherever installed and blends into its surrounds. Lead in fully recyclable.

When installed by East Coast Slate Roofing lead can last 200+ years, it’s a heritage material and is used in all heritage buildings around Sydney including churches, Universities and government buildings.

Our skilled team are experienced second generation lead fabricators that can form, shape and weld any unique flashing or detail.

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Zinc Roof Repairs & Restorations

Zinc like copper is a long-lasting material, it can last up to 100 years requiring no treatment or maintenance when installed correctly. It also provides an excellent finish when used with other natural products like slate, stone and wood. It is the go-to product for architects as it provides clean lines and finishes as well as a contemporary look in a variety of colours.

Zinc is naturally corrosion resistant and highly durable, its flexibility and versatility allow it to be used on imaginative and complex buildings. Zinc is also 100% recyclable.

At East Coast Slate Roofing we are experienced in all areas of zinc work, we use the recommended fittings and fixtures on all our product

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Copper Roof Repairs & Restorations

Copper has been used as a roofing material for thousands of years it is a timeless, durable, lightweight and beautiful material.

When installed correctly by ECSR, copper roofs, gutters and facades will last for hundreds of years. It doesn’t deteriorate over time and will not corrode in coastal areas, it stands the test of time and gets better looking as it ages.

Copper is a maintenance free product, it requires no painting, extra finishing or any cleaning. Over time it develops a layer of copper carbonate which helps protect it further against the elements.

Copper and slate go hand in hand as they are both natural products that really complement each other, the contrast in colour is unique and aesthetically pleasing. Copper is 100% recyclable.

The experienced team at East Coast Slate Roofing are vastly experienced in all areas of copper work, we use the recommended fittings and fixtures on all our products and all joints are soldered to create the ultimate seal.

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